My main practice is CBT, however to offer a broader service I use elements of new wave therapies Which include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Meta Cognitive Therapy; Mindfulness; Compassion Focused Therapy and General Meta Approach.

Who Would Benefit?

Services & Fees

Telephone consultation

15 min


This is a 15 minute brief discussion to get to know each other and understand if I can help or not. If I am unable to help then I will recommend a service or some self help information if necessary. I can also discuss how we can work together within your budget.

Face2face, telephone and video conference CBT

50 min


CBT is an evidence based therapy which is recommended by government guidelines for Depression and anxiety disorders. The sessions are structured and problem orientated. The first session will be an assessment. I will be able to give you an estimate in terms of the amount of sessions. There is an element of homework that needs to be done between the sessions which is jointly agreed.

Supervision for Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

50 min


I have experience supervising CBT therapists. I will work with you in a kind a compassionate way that meets your needs

General Meta Formulation: a conceptual formulation in practice (online demand course)

5 Hours


I am the founder of the GMF. I have produced an online demand course which is aimed at students and professionals who are interested in widening their knowledge and practice in psychotherapy. We will be looking at:

  • How the GMF came about
  • The different elements of the GMF
  • How to use the GMF

You will be receive a certificate which will count towards your CPD.

How To Use The GMF

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